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Calmness and Beautiful Blue Velvet Dress

sonya Hacker November 30, 2013
Blue Velvet DressFit Flare

Blue velvet dress is made of a woven-type tufted fabric in which the cut threads are evenly distributed with a short dense pile and give a distinctive feel. A velvet dress is relatively expensive and difficult to be cleaned and washed because of its pile. But, modern dry cleaning methods can clean them easily.

Blue velvet dress can be made from many different kinds of fibers like silk and viscose. Silk is more expensive than plain velvet. It is usually shinier and softer than the cotton variety. Meanwhile, viscose is more similar to silk velvet than cotton velvet. When we choose a blue color of our velvet dress, it will evoke feelings of calmness and spirituality as well as security and trust. The blue color causes the body to create chemicals that are calming. It is no surprise that it is the most favored of the colors. Dark blues are great for corporate designs because it helps give a professional feel, but using too much can create a cold and disengaged feeling. While, light blues give a more relaxing and friendly feel. Blue is associated with the sky and water.

Blue velvet dress also can be made of different velvet materials. One of them is chiffon or transparent velvet. It is very lightweight velvet on a sheer silk or rayon chiffon base. Crushed is a type of velvet which can be produced by pressing the fabric down in different directions. It can also be produced by mechanically twisting the fabric while wet. Then, devoré or burnout is velvet which is treated with a caustic solution to dissolve areas of the pile to create velvet pattern upon a sheer or lightweight base fabric. Plain velvet is commonly made of cotton. This type of velvet has a firm hand and can be used for many purposes. Meanwhile, the velveteen is a type of imitation velvet. It is normally made of cotton or a combination of cotton and silk.

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